onsdag 28 september 2016

Heartbreaking stuff + upcoming gig in Sthlm

On July 6 our beloved drummer Micke Granath suddenly passed away. I don't really know what to write, the best dude every, always with a smile on his face, a joke in his pocket and cheese in his mustache.
Since forever we had a gig booked at Dead Rhytm Fest, on 1 October at Cyklopen in Stockholm. We decided that we have to do this gig, for Micke and for yourselves. Matte from Sprängd/Styggelse/Swedenborg is playing drums.

We also recorded a 12" 'Lennart och Asen' in May for Kenrock, it's soon on it's way to the pressing plant, this will be Mickes last recording. Total back to basics hardcorepunk, check it out!!!

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