tisdag 29 december 2015

Printed media + fan art + debut EP

This is our debut EP '7 spårs EP'. We just sent it to the pressingplant the other week. Hopefully released in march/april by Gothenburg based label 'Levande Begravd Records'. All new recording, 7 tracks in total, 3 of which is previously unreleased. Get it! It's a HC rager for sure!

Earlier today, we recorded 3 tracks for the upcoming comp LP Critical Mass vol 3. Be sure to check it out, Inget snack, bara attack!!

 We played in Stockholm last month and a couple of weeks later we got our first fan art sent to us. Made by Inge Ansvar from the Ugly Squaws  / the Great german re-research. Lennars was a Spärrballong!!

Featured in the concert section of www.etc.se, that show ruled by the way!!

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